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  • Environmental Policy

    Kallax Flyg AB operates various helicopters involved in taxi flights, transport of goods, inspection and inventory.

    The most direct environmental impact of our operations is due to fuel consumption. There is also an indirect positive environmental aspect due to the fact that our helicopters are efficient for transport in hostile terrain and minimize any physical impact on the local environment. We also participate in projects that strive to improve the environment in areas where we operate.

    • Kallax Flyg shall, in all aspects strive to operate in an environmentally friendly manner now and for the future, as far as is technically and economically feasible.
    • Kallax Flyg shall take care in consuming natural resources and strive to follow the four foundations for sustainability.
    • Kallax Flyg shall sustain environmental policies through continuous dialogue with business partners and internally. Kallax Flyg shall also adapt its environmental policies via cooperation and sharing of knowledge through Eqoweb.
    • Kallax Flyg shall continuously improve and view rules and regulations as a minimum level of compliance. Kallax Flyg’s ambition is to continuously be aware of customer expectations and sustainability perspectives via ensuring that these policies are a part of the entire company and all provided products and services.
    • Kallax Flyg shall foster environmental sustainability by remaining business-oriented, with widespread involvement, clear goals and by always viewing this process as an opportunity.

    Sven Stenvall
    CEO Kallaxflyg AB

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