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    Sven Stenvall, AM/ceo

    Mobile: 070-184 10 01

    Joakim Öberg, pilot, flight instructor, manager of ground operations

    Mobile: 070-188 20 10

    Marcus lidman, NPCAM

    Mobil: 070-645 38 87

    mattias pettersson, nptm, vice npcam

    Mobil: 070-645 01 43

    Trond renå, head of flight operations, npfo

    Mobil: 070-188 20 08

    Ingemar Holmström, head of training, npct

    Mobile: 070-188 20 16

    Assar Eklund, flight safety coordinator, sm, cmm

    Board of directors

    Anna Flink, f 1962, chairman of the board

    Head of Finance and Chairman of the Board at Stenvalls Trä AB. Master of Economics with many years of experience in economic leadership, business leadership and corporate leadership.

    Sven Stenvall, f 1957

    CEO at Kallax Flyg AB and Chief Engineer at Stenvalls Trä AB. Highly experienced leader in both the sawmill industry and aviation industry.

    Henrik Morin, f 1963

    Head of Marketing at Kallax Flyg AB. Trained at IFL (Institute of Business Leadership) with many years of experience in business leadership in the aviation industry as well as other areas.

    Joakim Öberg, f 1987

    Pilot, flight instructor and Manager of Ground Operations.

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