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  • Lift Services to Inaccessible Locations

    We provide lift services for construction projects, the power distribution industry and research projects, amongst others. We have the best available helicopters, experienced pilots and specialized equipment.

    Almost anything can be lifted underneath a helicopter. Helicopters are often a cheaper and more efficient alternative when it comes to transporting materials to inaccessible locations such as the mountains or to islands. We have helicopters in varying sizes in order to be able to provide the most cost efficient solution to our customers. All of our helicopters can be used for suspended load operations.

    Over the years we have flown an incredible variety of suspended loads. We have flown food and building materials into the mountains, miniature tractors and scientific equipment worth millions. We have vast experience flying with longlines and precision construction of masts and towers. We can construct and de-construct power lines, place the steeple on a church, lift building materials or clear powerline alleys from hanging trees with a suspended saw. We also pour concrete, build avalanche cannons on mountainsides and construct ski lifts and roofs.

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