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  • Scheduled Service in the Mountains

    The mountains provide endless views. Kallax Flyg kan provide efficient transport to a destination of your choice during summer or winter. Fly to Kebnekaise Mountain Station – base for hiking and mountain climbing. During the summer months we operate from our base in Nikkaluokta. Nikkaluokta is the end of the road and the hiking trail to Kebnekaise is 20km through the wilderness. Contact us for a seat during our scheduled traffic to Kebnekaise or even a sightseeing flight in the beautiful high-alpine environment. If you wish to hike yourself you can always choose to send your baggage by helicopter and lighten your load for the hike.

    During summer we offer custom solution flights that fits your plans exactly from Abisko to Alesjaure, 40km from Abisko. Alesjaure is in the middle of our beautiful tundra. During the winter we operate out of Riksgränsen, an area with unique possiblities for heliskiing.

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