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  • Special Operations

    We provide all forms of Aerial Work operations as well as taxi flights. Aerial Work is defined as flights where the helicopter is used as a tool in order to complete an objective. Aside from our regular operations we fly in the Swedish and Norwegian mountains during winter and herd reindeer, perform wildlife inventory, retrieve drones and balloons and perform aerial filming for movies and documentaries.

    If you need assistance with something that is not listed – please ask, we can arrange almost anything.

    • Reindeer herding/ wildlife inventory
    • Aerial firefighting
    • Controlled burning in forests
    • Forest fertilization
    • Geopositioned photo inventory of forests with gyro-stabilized camera
    • Immobilization of wildlife
    • Wildlife tracking with radio equipment
    • Film/photo assignments
    • Powerline inspection
    • De-icing of powerlines
    • Construction of power lines
    • Construction of masts or towers

    flights with  flotation devices

    • Water sampling
    • Taxi flights to islands in archipelago
    • Assistance during rescue operations over water
    • Ice reconnaisance
    • Film/photo assignments over water
    • Sightseeing over archipelago
    • Transport of building materials via suspended load
    webb adress