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  • Sustainable Fishing and Hunting

    We arrange fishing and hunting trips from our bases in Northern Sweden. You can either organize a custom trip or get in touch with professional guides that can help you find an area which suits you best.

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    Imagine fishing in silence in an untouched wilderness, the only sound the gentle lapping of the water and the whisper of the breeze through leaves. Or maybe the roar of a mighty river bringing promise of an incredible catch…

    Fishing trip with Kallaxflyg

    More information on fishing regulations and purchasing a fishing license can be found at NatureIT. We also sell salmon tags and fishing licenses from Länsstyrelsen Norrbotten (regional government).

    Whatver type of fishing you have in mind, we can help you make it a reality.


    Picture this: you’re walking in a colorful autumn landscape on a crisp September morning watching your dog intensely studying the interesting smells, quickly and efficiently. Seconds later, the dog freezes mid-step, pointing with its whole body at some low brush. These moments are the meaning of life for us passionate hunters. We can help you travel to your favorite hunting grounds.

    More information on hunting regulations, dates, protected areas and hunting licenses is available at NatureIT.

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