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  • Fishing in Kaitum River

    an untouched river

    Kaitum river is one of few remaining genuine mountain rivers. Kaitum has not been industrialized or utilized in any way. Kaitum is a tributary to Kalix river and has headwaters consisting of three enormous mountain lakes. Many claim that Kaitum has the most dense grayling population out of all our fishing waters.


    Tjirtjam is a classic fishing paradise. Tjirtjam is known for large grayling, occasional char and a fair amount of whitefish. This stretch of running water connects the middle and lower Kaitum lakes and is about 3 km long.

    During certain periods of warm weather in Lappland, the char from middle Kaitum lake can swim through Tjirtjam to feast on gnat eggs.

    The tundra landscape is very sensitive so it is important to be very careful when choosing a fire pit. The birch forest is very slow growing which is why a gas stove is recommended. For many, Tjirtjam is the most beautiful fishing site in Sweden, surrounded by steep, dark cliffs. Definitely worth preserving as much s possible. Be sure to bring waders.

    Liettik area

    A ways downstream from Kukkak lies the wide Liettik bay. Downstream of the bay Kaitum river continues into an area called the Liettik streams. The river meanders through low mountain birch forests and offers good grayling and trout fishing. The waters vary from rushing waters to calm trickles. The famous writer and fisherman Nils Farnström visited these waters and you can read about his experience in the book “Flugor i Kaitum” from 1970.

    This area is known for being one of the better parts of the river for catching large grayling and trout. Special permits are required for fishing downstream of Liettik bay. Waders and good balance are a must in this area.

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