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  • Fishing in Rautas River's Headwaters


    When traveling from Kiruna to Nikkaluokta by car, the Leavasjokk river system runs parallel to the road on the north side, about 15km from the road. Leavasjokk is far from any civilization and flows through a beautiful landscape with headwaters far to the west beneath the Mårma Massif and its glaciers. Leavas is a tributary to Rautas river which in turn is a tributary to Torne river.

    The area is silent and these waters flow like silver veins through the tundra. This is a good area for lone fishermen or for those who prefer dry fly-fishing for elusive char. Grayling swim far up the Leavas system. Fishing varies significantly in Leavas due to rapidly changing water levels.

    Rautas river

    Rautasjávri lies in a steep valley surrounded by high mountains. There are plenty of char in Lake Rautas and many of them swim downstream. Rautas’ many bends and pools are highly interesting for the sport fisherman and provide good opportunities for catching that record trout.

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