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    The enormous wilderness areas in Kiruna and Gällivare offer endless possiblities for Ptarmigan hunting. Our strategically placed helicopter bases allow hunters to reach most places quickly and cost-efficiently despite the vast size of the wilderness regions. We have helicopter bases in Kurravaara, Nikkaluokta and Abisko which are a great starting point for your hunting trip.


    Our base in Abisko with its view of Lapporten is a good starting point for trips to Kiruna’s northwest corner on the north side of Torneträsk, the Riksgränsen area along the Norwegian border as well as the western parts of Kiruna’s mountains such as Ribasjaure, Ordajokk, Pajeb and Voulip Njuorajaure to the northwest or Unna Allakas, Snarap and Kamajaure as well as Abiskojaure and Alesjaure along the King’s Trail. Further downstream in the Alesjaure system lie the lakes Miesak, Ahpparjaure, Pieggaluoppal and Rautasjaure.

    Even Vällijaure is almost due south of our base in Abisko. The best way to reach Vällijaure is by helicopter. The area offers a slightly more high alpine landscape with steep mountainsides and rocky terrain. The area is relatively walkable but there are certainly areas that will demand more of you and your hunting dog.

    The Ptarmigan hunting in the area between Alesjaure and Abiskojaure cabins, near Kieron pass can be quite good but is often more crowded due to the proximity of the King’s Trail.


    The most northeastern parts of Kiruna contain popular spots such as Treriksröset, Pältsa, Råstojaure, Tjålmejaure, Tavvaätno, Roavejaure, Tsåktso, Korvijaure, Kiepanjaure, Ragesjaure and Pirtimesjokk. These spots are known for their excellent fishing during the summer but they are also very well known as pleasant spots for Ptarmigan hunting. The tundra landscape is easily traversed except for low brush areas near streams, lakes and around wetlands.

    The best way to reach these areas is from our base in Kurravaara, directly beside the Torne River. Many guests choose to sleep in tents out in the wilderness and Kallax Flyg can assist in rental of such equipment.


    From our base in Nikkaluokta you can quickly reach the westernmost wilderness areas within Kiruna, all the way to the Norwegian border. Popular spots include Huvkijaure, Singistugorna and of course the Kebnekaise massif. In this high alpine environment, there are plenty of good valleys for Ptarmigan hunting. However the very best areas are southwest and west of Nikkaluokta, in Gällivare municipality. Fantastic spots include upper and lower Kaitum lakes and the famous fishing camp Tjuonajokk.

    The area is easy to traverse on foot and there is plenty of Ptarmigan to be found alongside lakes, wetlands and streams but most of all in valleys alongside lakes. A few great areas for hunting include Kirjasjokk, Tjuoltajaure, Kaukuljaure, Skarttajaure and Mållitjaure.

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